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First Face Media is dedicated to providing an affordable, hassle-free, and proven-results advertising solution to drive new customers to local merchants like you. 

This means we have eliminated the many challenges and frustrations businesses experience when utilizing traditional forms of local advertising.

Our primary focus is to present your message through a state-of-the-art ad delivery system that is affordable, creates consistent high-frequency ad impressions and builds consumer trust, confidence and awareness for your products and services. 

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First Face Media places digital monitors in popular venues right in your neighborhood. 

A minimum of 2 (up to 8) HD screens are installed in each location and positioned strategically so your ads receive full visibility to all viewers. 

In addition, we lock out your competitors and ensure your ads run every 2-3 minutes, non-stop, 7 days a week!

 Unlike other media, your message can’t be thrown away, turned off, fast forwarded, or driven past at 60mph.

No other media goes where we go or does for you what we do.

Simply put: we are the most effective form of advertising for your business!

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